5 ways to fall asleep fast

We all look for the magic cure to get better sleep. 40% of American adults do not get the necessary 7 hours of sleep, leading to a variety of symptoms from irritability and weight gain to increased risk for cancers.

Distraction in the age of smartphones is bleeding into our sleep time. Researchers have found that the best way to combat this is to simply turn off technology and unwind at the end of the day. But how? Setting up a self-care ritual for the end of your day will help you look forward to your pre-sleep time, and will help you make an easy transition from Busy Adult to Sleeping Like a Baby. Here’s a few tried and true tricks:

1. Eat for Sleep

Magnesium and vitamin B are linked to helping those who suffer from insomnia, and can help promote sleepiness. Try to incorporate Avocados, Cashews, Whole Grains, and Leafy Greens into your dinner. Check out our Recipe Section for Sleepy Time Salad!

2. Use Essential Oils

Incorporating essential oils such as Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, and Bergamot are a natural way to help relieve stress and calm the body for sleep. A few drops in the bath or on your temples will do the trick. Or, use your Italian Chamomile or Red Lavender Tea Bags as a bath bomb! Bonus, you can place the tea bags under your eyes to help combat puffiness associated with, you guessed it, lack of sleep!

PLUS: as you use Sleep Scents more frequently, your body will associate the smell with sleep and start to wind down of its own accord.

3. Unwind the Mind

Swap the screen for good old paper! Dedicate 10-30 minutes to either journaling or diving in to a good book. Scribble down your day, or write out your to do list for tomorrow, or just make a list of all you are grateful for.  Want a good read? We recommend Life By The Cup, written by founder and Girl Boss Zhena Muzyka.

4. Limit Caffeine after 12noon

So simple it just might work! Avoid eating or drinking anything with caffeine (including chocolate!) after 12noon. This small thing will help your body stay on a normal circadian rhythm and promote a normal sleep routine.

Cant survive without dessert? Chia Popsicles made with Zhenas Dessert Chai will hit the spot!

5. Sip on Chamomile (or Lavender!) Tea

Did you really think wed forget the tea? Sipping on warm beverages is proven to induce relaxation, and the natural benefits of Lavender or Chamomile are improved ten-fold when ingested! So get sipping and get sleeping.

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