Earl Greater Grey Black Tea Bag Tin

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  • Earl Greater Grey Black Tea Bag Tin
  • Earl Greater Grey Black Tea Bag Tin
  • Earl Greater Grey Black Tea Bag Tin
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Earl Greater Grey

Made from a blend of the finest whole leaf black tea, this exceptional blend will change your understanding of how Earl Grey should taste. It has become customary for lesser quality tea to be used as the base of Earl Grey. We use only stunningly high-quality leaves and cold pressed Italian Bergamot oil for a tea that delights all the senses. Our Earl Grey is specifically blended for those who enjoy their tea with milk, its addition will compliment rather than overwhelm this tea.
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Customer Reviews

Does not taste the same as it used to Review by gkat25
I have been addicted to Earl Greater Grey tea for a while now. The smell alone was enough to lift my spirits and drinking it made me fly to heaven... Words cannot express my feeling of pure joy with every sip I took of this spectacular tea... Unfortunately, I have recently bought six new containers only to discover immediately that the smell was repulsive. It did not smell bad, but it most certainly did not smell good. I drank a cup of the stuff and it tasted like all the other Earl Grey teas out there! I read the ingredients of this new tin of tea and it has changed, not much but enough to ruin what was one a very unique mixture of flavors... Instead of stating that there was a blend of Indian and Sri Lankan Black Tea* with essential oil of begamot--The new batch of teas stated that the ingredients were: Black tea and Natural Bergamot Flavor! They may have relabeled it to hide their recipe--but the taste and smell tell it all--and that is saying that they changed the ingredients that once made this teas extraordinary! Now I have to search again for another brand of Earl Grey tea, for Earl Greater Grey tea is no longer the greatest... (Posted on 8/3/15)
Best Earl Grey Ever! Review by JUrban
I am a bit of a tea snob, or so my colleagues tell me. I don't drink of a lot of processed teas, and most teas in bags/pouches taste very, very processed. They have a tinny taste, often artificial tasting. Most are either extremely muted in flavor, or overly exaggerated with all the additives and artificial flavors. However, this Early Grey is spectacular! I was given a tin as a going-away present, and I very skeptically tried it. Wow, I was shocked. It is exactly what I always imagined Capt. Jean-Luc Piccard would drink in his stateroom on the starship Enterprise while pondering the wonders of the universe. It is expansive in taste, incorporating all the flavors harmoniously and yet displaying them all individually in the most unique way. I absolutely love it! (Posted on 1/8/15)

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Tea preparation is a matter of personal choice and preference, but here some guidelines to get you started.

  • Black Tea can be brewed in truly boiling water, usually steeped for 3-5 minutes.

  • Green Tea should be brewed with water between 160-175F and only steeped for 2-4 minutes.

  • White Tea can be brewed a bit warmer, at 175F and steeped for 3-5 minutes.

  • Oolong Tea is best brewed at 190F, but steeped longer than black tea for 5-8 minutes.

  • Rooibos Tea can also be brewed in fully boiling water and steeped indefinitely.

  • Herbal Infusions come in so many varieties that there can be no specific guidelines, but you can generally start with boiling water and a 5 minute steep.

Black Tea Energizing and rejuvenating. Black tea aids in metabolism and digestion, and is rich in antioxidants which support immune health. Moderate amounts of caffeine in black tea stimulate the nervous system and promote blood circulation. For increased energy, alertness and concentration.
Oil of Bergamot Uplifting, relaxing and refreshing. As natural anti-depressant, oil of Bergamot is soothing to both your mind and your body. The great citrus aroma helps to eliminate emotional confusion, stress and anxiety. For digestive and respiratory health.

Blend of Fair Trade Certified Indian and Sri Lankan Black Tea*, Essential Oils of Italian Bergamot*.
* Certified Organic