We pursue the highest quality ingredients with healthful and thoughtful benefits in every one of our tea blends. We're not just passionate purveyors of tea, but are continually striving to be ethically, socially and globally conscious as well.

We are dedicated to quality; not just quality of our product, but quality of life. Our teas are sourced from farmers we know, harvested by women earning a fair wage, and grown under the most careful and environmentally conscious practices.

We package responsiblity and locally, employing The Exceptional Children's Foundation to grant opportunities to the under served.

We blend with purpose using aromatherapy techniques and modern health breakthroughs, creating individual cups of wellness and pleasure. We taste every sample of every batch, and we love every single one. We believe that the excellence of our product directly reflects our dedication and care with tea that sustains, nourishes, and delights you, from a company you trust.

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