Dragon Well

Dragon Well

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Fair Trade Certified Prized Spring Harvest Long Jing* From Organic Gardens in the Misty Mountains of Hangzhou, Zheijang Province, China * Certified Organic

Known at the healthiest beverage on the planet, this tea is loaded with anti-oxidants and nutrients that are powerful food for the body. Brain function, fat loss, lowering the risk of cancer, killer of bacteria, lowering your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease - all of these great health benefits from one little tea.


Named after the Dragon's Well landmark in Zhejiang, where the tea was first made, Dragon Well Green Tea is naturally loaded with antioxidants, brain-enhancing benefits, and weight loss keys. Its rich jade hue, floral notes, and light sweetness make it deliciously beneficial.


Rich in Antioxidants

Increases Mental Clarity

Boosts Metabolism

Reduces Cancer Risk

Low Caffeine - 20mg



A commitment to social responsibility, sustainability and the wellbeing of others has grown Zhena's from a small humble band of loyal consumers to a successful, growing brand.

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