Italian Chamomile

Italian Chamomile

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Chamomile Flowers*, Fennel*, Lemon Peel*, Lemongrass*, Hibiscus*, Licorice Root*, Rose Petals*, Lemon Myrtle*, Orange Peel*, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Natural Flavor * Certified Organic

Chammomile is commonly used for improving many different health conditions, these include: anxiety & depression, allergies, helps insomnia, PMS, skin disorders and calms ulcers. Also a great an anti-inflammatory. Its not surprising that this tea could be a natural aphrodisiac, but the obvious aside, this tea offers great benefits from aiding in weight loss, relieves stress and depression, is a well known astringent and helps acne.


Calming and Clarifying Chamomile creates a steady base for this blend of rose petals, hibiscus, fennel, lemon myrtle, and orange peel. A perfect tea for clearing your thoughts; before bed, before a big meeting, or any time you need to relax.


Decreases anxiety

Promotes Better Sleep

Balances Hormones

Brightens Skin

Caffeine-Free - 0mg



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