Iced Wildberries

Iced Wildberries

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Rooibos*, Rosehip, Hibiscus*, Elderberry, Natural Cherry Flavor * Certified Organic

Keeping the body health and fit is the job of Hibiscus. Relief from high blood pressure and cholesterol, relief from digestive issues, relief from inflamation are all benefits. The flower speeds up metabolism to aid weight loss and helps those who suffer from anxiety. Health benefits associated with this tasty berry are their ability to boost the immune system, protect against infection, is a digestive aid, helps with weight loss, lowers blood pressure and alleviates allergies. Its not surprising that this tea could be a natural aphrodisiac, but the obvious aside, this tea offers great benefits from aiding in weight loss, relieves stress and depression, is a well known astringent and helps acne.


A blend of naturally sweet berries, hydrating petals and superior grade caffeine-free Rooibos combine to create a warm, rich, absolutely delightful cup.


Reduces Blood Pressure

Lowers Cholesterol

Promotes Weight Loss

Boosts Immunity

Caffeine-Free - 0mg



A commitment to social responsibility, sustainability and the wellbeing of others has grown Zhena's from a small humble band of loyal consumers to a successful, growing brand.

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