InTouch Weekly

InTouch Weekly, September 2014

InTouch Weekly is offering the chance to be one of four lucky winners who will win a NEW Platinum Keurig Machine and year supply of ZHENA'S Gourmet K-Cups., September 2014

ZHENA's T-Cups were selected as a Grand Giveaway! Enter to win a Keurig Brewing System and a month supply of ZHENA'S new Gourmet T-Cup Collection.

Chic Luxuries

Chic Luxuries, August 2014

Zhena's Peach Ginger Teas has been selected for the latest Gourmet Goodies, Gadgets and a Giveaway at Chic Luxuries. They say: "Whether iced or hot, this exhilarating black tea combines the perfect blend of juicy peaches and ginger root. I keep a pitcher of it in the fridge and serve over ice to guests."

The Today Show

The Today Show, May 2014

Our Tropical Cocktail inspired teas were featured as a great summertime drink during the Bobbie's Buzz segment on the Today Show!

Watch the clip at httpss://

Fit Bottomed Eats

Fit Bottomed Eats, May 2014

Jenn from Fit Bottomed Eats loves Zhena's Loose Leaf Collection: "Pretty enough to leave out in your kitchen on display, I loved the foodieness of these. Each blend is hearty and rustic and five scoops of loose leaf tea (again, wooden spoons are SO cute) lends a cup with great flavor."

A Dash of Meg

A Dash of Meg, May 2014

Zhena's was featured on A Dash Of Meg, an international blog written by Meg Doll who is a nutritionist and tea lover! Meg included Zhena's in her weekly "Tea Tuesday" section of the blog and wrote a lovely review of the Glass Jar Collection.


Saveur, May 2014

Saveur Magazine recently featured Zhena's Glass Jar Collection in the "ONE GOOD FIND" section of their website.


Variety, May 2014

Leverage has inked a deal with Gypsy Tea entrepreneur Zhena Muzyka to produce a series loosely based on Muzyka's life and her soon-to-be-released motivational memoir "Life by the Cup: Ingredients for a Purpose-Filled Life of Bottomless Happiness and Limitless Success."

Lady and the Blog

Lady and the Blog, April 2014

Enter to win a one-month supply of Zhena's Slim Me Tea from Lady and The Blog.

First for Women

First for Women, April 2014

Until May 13th, you can enter to win a year's supply of ZHENA's new Extra Strength Slim Me Tea, plus a $500 Visa gift card help kick start a healthier lifestyle for 2014!

A Magical Mommy

A Magical Mommy, March 2014

Karen at A Magical Mommy tried, and loved, Zhena's Slim Me Teas as an alternative to unhealthy diet soda.

Mom Trends

Mom Trends, March 2014

Serena at Mom Trends featured Zhena's Extra Strength Slim Me Tea as a Friday Find; she recommends it as a post-workout drink or as a metabolism-booster at any time of the day.

Broke & Chic

Broke & Chic, March 2014

Amanda Raye recommends drinking Zhena's Extra Strength Slim Me Teas after breakfast, before a workout or as a dessert replacement.

Terry's Spa, Beauty and Wellness

Terry's Spa, Beauty and Wellness, March 2014

Terry Herman took an adventure through the grocery store to discover new foods and loved Zhena's Slim Me Teas.

She Scribes

She Scribes, March 2014

Kimberly from She Scribes enjoys the flavor and energy boost she gets from Zhena's Slim Me Teas—especially served hot!

My Life on and off the Guest List

My Life on and off the Guest List, March 2014

The Guest List blog loves the flavor of Zhena's Slim Me Teas and offered readers a chance to win a one-month supply.

The Adventures of a Family of 8

The Adventures of a Family of 8, March 2014

Shauna enjoys her Zhena's Slim Me Teas over ice, which help to keep her energized and hydrated throughout the day. She also gave a one-month supply to a lucky reader!

YesBride Blog

YesBride Blog, March 2014

Kelly and Brian from YesBride recommend Zhena's SlimMe teas to promote wellness for brides-to-be!

My Couportiera

My Couportiera, March 2014

Jeanette reviews her experience trading her diet soda in for Zhena's Slim Me teas.

Ashley Borden

Ashley Borden, February 2014

Ashley Borden—a fitness consultant who currently works with celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Natasha Bedingfield, Mandy Moore and Ryan Gosling—featured Zhena's Glass Jar Loose Leaf Collection as part of her Love Urself Valentine's giveaway.

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Macaroni Kid Family Fitness

Macaroni Kid Family Fitness, February 2014

Jenny at Macaroni Kid recommends adding Zhena's Slim Me tea bags to bottled water as a flavorful way to stay hydrated.


3CityGirlsNYC, February 2014

Zhena's Slim Me isn't just a great way to promote weight loss, the 3CityGirlsNYC blog recommends it as part of a detox plan.

Smart Mom Picks

Smart Mom Picks, February 2014

Diana Hinders of Smart Mom Picks reviews Zhena's Slim Me Teas.

Bronx Mama

Bronx Mama, February 2014

The Bronx Mama reviews Zhena's Slim Me Teas!

Couture Colorado Life and Style

Couture Colorado Life and Style, February 2014

Rachael writes: "If someone tells me they have a secret weight loss tool, I'm usually skeptical… and intrigued! I am not one for extreme diets so hearing about Zhena's Wellness Tea did pique my interest. Originally sent to me as a way for brides to stay slim for the big day, I see this product as more of a lifestyle item that can be a healthy part of a daily diet. I have been sampling all 4 flavors for the last 2 weeks and can honestly say that they have gained me as a buyer!"

Akron Ohio Moms

Akron Ohio Moms, February 2014

Cindy Orley reviews Zhena's Slim Me Teas and gave away a 1-month supply to a lucky reader!


Mumfection, February 2014

Eschelle from Mumfection reviews her experience trying Zhena's Slim Me Teas.

Thirty Something Fashion

Thirty Something Fashion, February 2014

Carly Walko reviews Zhena's Slim Me teas and gave away a 1-month supply to share her experience with her readers.

Home Grown Families

Home Grown Families, February 2014

Melissa and Tiffany selected Zhena's Teaze tea infuser for their Valentine's Gift Guide For Her.

Daily Mom

Daily Mom, February 2014

Danielle from Daily Mom picked Zhena's Loose Leaf Tea for her Valentine's Day Gift Guide for her.

When Tara Met Blog

When Tara Met Blog, February 2014

Tara reviews Zhena's Slim Me Teas and offered the chance to win a 1-month supply to her readers.

Mommy's Mingle

Mommy's Mingle, February 2014

Christina & Rebecca from Mommy's Mingle talk about using Zhena's Slim Me Teas to lose baby weight.

Real Army of Moms

Real Army of Moms, February 2014

Mamalicious from Real Army of Moms reviews Zhena's Slim Me Teas.

Married To My Sugar Daddy

Married To My Sugar Daddy, January 2014

Melissa Chapman gave away a one-month supply of Zhena's Slim Me Teas to one lucky reader!

Groovin Moms

Groovin Moms, January 2014

The Groovin' Moms recommend Zhena's Slim Me Teas, especially Raspberry Mint, for curbing appetite and staying hydrated.

Broke Ass Bride

Broke Ass Bride, January 2014

Christen Moynihan from Broke Ass Bride recommends combining Zhena's Peach Vanilla and Cranberry Ginger Slim Me Teas with bottled water for extra flavor!

The Weight Chronicles

The Weight Chronicles, January 2014

Kay Lynn from The Weight Chronicles enjoyed Zhena's Loose Leaf Glass Jar Collection.


Mammamoiselle, January 2014

Stephanie from Mammamoiselle tried our Slim Me Teas and wrote about her experience.

The Mommy Sauce

The Mommy Sauce, January 2014

The Mommy Sauce replaced her soda with Zhena's Extra Strength Slim Me Teas and shares her results!

PARENTS.Com Goody Blog

PARENTS.Com Goody Blog, January 2014

Slim Me review and enter to win a month's supply if Zhena's Extra Strength Slim Me Teas!

Chic Luxuries

Chic Luxuries, January 2014

Enter to win a one month's supply of Zhena's Extra Strength Slim Me Teas!

The Weight Chronicles

The Weight Chronicles, January 2014

Enter to win a collection of Zhena's Glass Jar Loose Leaf Teas and a tea infuser!

The Queen of the Earth

The Queen of the Earth, January 2014

See what Queen of the Earth Kirsten DiChiappari has to say about Zhena's Extra Strength Slim Me Teas!

Mommies with Cents

Mommies with Cents, January 2014

Holly from Mommies with Cents reviews Zhena's Extra Strength Slim Me Teas; enter to win a Slim Me Tea prize pack!

The New York Times

The New York Times, January 2014

Martha Rose Shulman shares a recipe for Coconut Ginger Tea With Lime, Honey and Turmeric using Zhena's Coconut Chai.

The Neat Things in Life

The Neat Things in Life, January 2014

Jammie reviews her experience using Zhena's Slim Me Teas.


Shape, January 2014

Three lucky winners will receive a one-month supply of ZHENA's Extra Strength Slim Me Tea and a free one-month gym membership to 24-Hour Fitness to help kickstart a healthier lifestyle! Grand Deal, January 2014

Win a Three-Month Supply of ZHENA's Extra Strength Slim Me Tea and a Free Three-Month Gym Membership to 24 Hour Fitness!

Mommy Factor

Mommy Factor Blog, January 2014

Enter to win a 3-month supply of Zhena's Extra Strength Slim Me Teas!

Pretty Connected

Pretty Connected, December 2013

Lara Eurdolian shares some tips for living healther in the New Year, including drinking Zhena's Extra Strength Slim Me Teas.

Too Hottie For That Body

Too Hottie For That Body, December 2013

Enter to won a sample of Zhena's Extra Strength Slim Me Teas.

Woman's Day

Woman's Day, November 2013

Enter for a chance to win 12 jars of a variety of ZHENA'S™ organic loose-leaf teas, plus a Curve teapot!

Skinny Hollie

Skinny Hollie's Weight Loss Blog, November 2013

Everyone's favorite fitness blogger, Skinny Hollie, has discovered our Extra Strength Slim Me teas...and no surprise, she loves them! Check out her blog, and see why she's so excited about our delicious fitness tea!


Prevention, October 2013

Zhena's Mint Rose herbal tea was selected for Prevention's list of "15 Fall Teas We Love".

O! Magazine January 2012

O! Magazine, January 2012

In the January 2012 issue of O! Magazine, Doctor Oz recommended our Cocunut Chai Green Tea as a great way to begin a Fresh Start. Check out the full article by clicking the following link: